March 11, 2014 with 0 notes

Everything always feels so wrong with you, then so right, and then when you leave I just feel so alone and worthless. It’s because you give me so much happiness when I get to see you that the rest of my minimal life is shadowed by that and I just want to give it up.

January 1, 2014 with 0 notes

I was alone watching SVU when the clock struck midnight. And I’m oddly okay with that.

December 1, 2013 with 0 notes

You literally post all this things, but what you don’t realize is I feel exactly the same way about you, as you do about him.

November 24, 2013 with 0 notes

Love is such a strong word, it’s the only one that describe how I feel for you. I can’t force myself not to say it every night.

August 19, 2013 with 0 notes

Today we were tasked with thinking of our happiest moment of our lives so far. We all had our eyes closed and my mind immediately took me to the first day we met. I went up to you and gave you the biggest most passionate hug I’ve ever given anyone. And I had never felt safer, more loved nor more happy in my entire life.
And though it’s my favorite moment in life, what hurts is that I don’t know if you even think about that moment anymore.

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Come off anon and I will tell you!

June 27, 2013 with 0 notes

I went for a drive today. A cement wall was in front of me and not a single other car was around.

Anonymous said: New Url?

Come off anon :)

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